Wine for Sale

Under the name Port O’Bristol, Xisto Wines import Portuguese wine and food, two or three times a year, by sail ship from Porto in Portugal to one of the UK’s South West ports.

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The cargo includes a variety of sea conditioned wines:

Barrelled Port O’Bristol Wine

This wine is made by award winning Portuguese wine maker Mateus Nicolau de Almeida which is bottled in Bristol using Anton’s ingenious Circle of Zero Waste* bottling method. The wine is available as single bottles and in attractive wooden cases of three or six bottles. Port O’Bristol is also available in a mixed case with a selection of three whites and three reds.


Quinta do Romeu olive oil is considered amongst the finest in the world. It is produced in limited amounts according to the estate’s own olive grove production. The olive oil is organic, not subject to refining and does not contain additives or preservatives.


Tinned tuna which is produced using the most sustainable methods and is Green Peace accredited.

Ship’s biscuits: Made with extra virgin olive oil, all natural ingredients. The recipe was used to conserve bread on long oceanic crossings without losing its quality shape and crisp texture.